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(en Espanol, Russian, Portuguese) Literacy Project: ESL & GED Classes
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Bienvenidos-Welcome to Morris' Literacy Project. This ESL based program was first established way back (date unknown) through the Morris Community Ed. It was "out of season" for the last couple of years due to lack of interest. Now, it has restarted (9/26/04) due to some new interest with local migrant workers at West Dairy Farm (10-12 miles southwest of Morris, south of downtown Alberta).

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Scheduled Times:

Venga los domingos en 7p (CANCELLED-Sundays @7p during/after Spanish Club at UMM's Multi Ethnic Resource Center) a la Universidad de Minnesota Morris o el
La Preparatoria del Area de Morris (Wednesdays @5:30p-8:30pm at the Morris Elementary School-look for the signs) en 5:30pm-8:30pm anytime y La Tienda (re-starting Tuesday, January 5th of 2010) son Martes (CANCELLED->Tuesdays @7:30p-9p & will NOT restart on Fridays @12p-2p that started on October 8th of 2007). Your welcome to attend weekly classes at the Morris Community ESL at the Univeristy of Minnesota-Morris Campus (Tuesday & Thursdays @7:30-9pm)
*Note: LEARN ENGLISH EVERYBODY!! 1:1 tutoring is available (w/$ fee), please contact (Sal)

Restarted Story?

I (Salvador) was shopping (first at Willies and then City Centre Drug) in Morris when I met Leonardo (only Non-Mexican migrant worker I've met so far from the dairy farm, who is from Honduras) and other of his co-workers twice within the month in September of 2004. It was then when he asked me if I could teach English to him, which I responded -"hablo poco espanol" ("I speak little Spanish"). I was walking around UMM's Campus when I saw the "Spanish Club" sign. On a Sunday evening when the Spanish Club was meeting, I met Ashley and told her this request from Leonardo. Earlier, I e-mailed Morris' Community Ed Director (Cindy Perkins-connection through Morris Leadership Retreat 04'), she referred me to contact Steve Sterud. Ashley and I met with Steve over this and came about restarting (this program existed before when students met at Assumption Catholic Church a couple/several years ago prior to 2004) the Morris Literacy Project. Our first official meeting was Sunday, September 26th of 2004 when we introduced Leonardo to the others. Ever since, many students from different backgrounds and professions (e.g. dairy farmers, vetrenarians, home makers, etc...) from different work environments (e.g. dairy farms, pig farms, local field farms, residential homes, etc...) have been coming in.

Donations Welcome to Support the Literacy Project in Morris
(e.g. school supplies: notebooks, writing utencils, folders; snacks, etc...)
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